Quincy Amarikwa & Sirena Williams

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Co-Founders of Online Biz Information School, Quincy Amarikwa and Sirena Williams have started multiple businesses since graduating from University California Davis in 2009

Some of their businesses include:

OBI Marketing, Inc.

OnlineBizInformationSchool (OBI School)

Perfect Soccer Recruit


Quincy and Sirena have both consulted for and helped many "newbies", small businesses as well as many blog owners and marketers spanning every market niche, achieve their online goals. They've been where you're at in your marketing efforts, and they understand the frustrations you're facing. Because of all the misinformation being thrown around out there online, and most people just not knowing where to start or what to focus on most; they decided to create a complete training center and community teaching others how to avoid the many mistakes they made along the way to learning how to "crack the online code". And they show you how to do this in the most cost effective ways possible.

On top of being online entrepreneurs Quincy and Sirena are both professional athletes. Quincy being a Professional soccer player in the MLS (Major League Soccer) and Sirena, a 100m hurdler running for Rahn Sheffield Elite.

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